Brighter than Sunshine

As the weather gets warmer(supposedly), so are the color trends. Yellow takes center stage in all its bright, fiery glory. It’s one of my favorite colors to pair with black, because it really kicks Visual Kei and punk fashion up a notch. For more items see the Etsy Treasury here. Brighter Than Sunshine by dkei … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Picks/New Arrivals

With Valentine’s day creeping ever closer, I rifled through store inventory and picked some favorite pieces, and even found some time in between prom dress fittings and cosplay commission to make a few new ones. ^_^ On my latest excursion to the local beads stores in my area I stumbled across these awesome resin rose … Continue reading


The new collection is up! 😀 Well, the first batch anyway. This is going to be a longer process than originally planned. There’s just no decent way to shoot pants without them being on models. But I digress… Hatatose means ‘Twenty Years’ in Japanese. This collection was created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of my … Continue reading

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – October 16, 2012

This is going to turn into a bi-weekly feature. I’m so busy right now with work and the upcoming collections I don’t have time to put together a set on a weekly basis. That being said…I really love how this latest set turned out. 😀 Visual Kei Picks – October 12, 2012 by dkei featuring … Continue reading

New Collection in the Works!

I’m currently working on a new collection! Since the deadline is so tight it might just be a mini-collection, but we’ll see. The collection will have both clothing and jewelry, and the main colors will be gold, silver, crimson, purple, and yellow, with hits of turquoise, lots of Visual Kei references, and a ton of … Continue reading

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – October 1, 2012

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – October 1, 2012 by dkei featuring fishnet gloves Fishnet glove / Olympic 2012 Retro Vintage union Jack Blazer Jacket by NadiaPini, $120 / Vampire Dress Sleeveless gothic crow raven noir by RolandMode, $34 / vintage Rocker or Goth fitted flared mini skirt by VintageHomage / Red green tartan punk visual … Continue reading

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – September 9, 2012

Sorry this is a bit late. With Saboten and everything my blogging schedule got a bit cattywhompus. xD (Saboten writeup coming, I promise!) Vintage Ring, $45 USD, Buzzards Nest. Purchase here. Cameo Necklace, $19.75 USD, black persimmons. Purchase here. Hat, $15 USD, Kat’s Hat Rack. Purchase here. Skirt, $30 USD, Fashion Victim. Purchase here. SKULL … Continue reading

New Arrivals – September 3, 2012

Here’s the weekly rundown of our newest items! Click the image to go to the corresponding Etsy listing. 🙂 New Grommeted Earrings, now in white! 5 designs are currently available.$15 USD Each.  New lightning bolt earrings! These are super light and easy to wear, and they pack a powerful colorful punch to a visual or … Continue reading

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – September 3, 2012: Fall 2012 Edition

This week we’re on a gold kick. It’s a major color this Fall, and gold paired with black has been especially popular. Here are this week’s Visual Kei picks, laden with gold! T-Shirt, £20 GBP(Approx. $33 USD), ENGlorious. Purchase here. Rings, $10 USD, Xuanqi. Purchase here. T-Shirt, $22 USD, Paulina Clothing. Purchase here. Studded Shorts, $66 USD, … Continue reading

New Arrivals/Coming Soon – August 22, 2012

What’s new in the Etsy store this week:  Here’s a rundown of the newest listings in the shop! I finished these last week, but I haven’t gotten a chance to post until now.  Visual Kei Kyo Bracelet, $18. Etsy listing. This was a collaboration with a client. Inspired by Kyo from Fruits Basket, this is … Continue reading