Valentine’s Day Picks/New Arrivals

With Valentine’s day creeping ever closer, I rifled through store inventory and picked some favorite pieces, and even found some time in between prom dress fittings and cosplay commission to make a few new ones. ^_^ On my latest excursion to the local beads stores in my area I stumbled across these awesome resin rose … Continue reading

Things We Love: Black & White Brooches

Things We Love: Black and White Brooches by dkei featuring paper jewelry Black and White still reigns this fall, and we especially love these fabulous brooches we encountered on our Etsy travels. ❤ Photo jewelry Paper jewelry Cat brooch JULIANA vintage rhinestone jewelry Gothic Lolita Lapel Pin with Neo Victorian by … Continue reading


The new collection is up! 😀 Well, the first batch anyway. This is going to be a longer process than originally planned. There’s just no decent way to shoot pants without them being on models. But I digress… Hatatose means ‘Twenty Years’ in Japanese. This collection was created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of my … Continue reading

More collection sneak peeks!

The collection is coming together slowly but surely! The clothing is in pieces, and I’m waiting on paint and buckle orders to arrive before I can finish any of it and show previews. For now, I have jewelry sneak peeks. :3

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – October 1, 2012

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – October 1, 2012 by dkei featuring fishnet gloves Fishnet glove / Olympic 2012 Retro Vintage union Jack Blazer Jacket by NadiaPini, $120 / Vampire Dress Sleeveless gothic crow raven noir by RolandMode, $34 / vintage Rocker or Goth fitted flared mini skirt by VintageHomage / Red green tartan punk visual … Continue reading

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – September 9, 2012

Sorry this is a bit late. With Saboten and everything my blogging schedule got a bit cattywhompus. xD (Saboten writeup coming, I promise!) Vintage Ring, $45 USD, Buzzards Nest. Purchase here. Cameo Necklace, $19.75 USD, black persimmons. Purchase here. Hat, $15 USD, Kat’s Hat Rack. Purchase here. Skirt, $30 USD, Fashion Victim. Purchase here. SKULL … Continue reading

New Arrivals – September 3, 2012

Here’s the weekly rundown of our newest items! Click the image to go to the corresponding Etsy listing. 🙂 New Grommeted Earrings, now in white! 5 designs are currently available.$15 USD Each.  New lightning bolt earrings! These are super light and easy to wear, and they pack a powerful colorful punch to a visual or … Continue reading

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – September 3, 2012: Fall 2012 Edition

This week we’re on a gold kick. It’s a major color this Fall, and gold paired with black has been especially popular. Here are this week’s Visual Kei picks, laden with gold! T-Shirt, £20 GBP(Approx. $33 USD), ENGlorious. Purchase here. Rings, $10 USD, Xuanqi. Purchase here. T-Shirt, $22 USD, Paulina Clothing. Purchase here. Studded Shorts, $66 USD, … Continue reading

Weekly Visual Kei Finds – August 19, 2012

Here’s the week’s Visual Kei finds! This week I took a look at makeup as well. 🙂 Have fun!  Necklace, $19 USD. G.A.T.U.M.I. Get it here. Arm Warmers, $13 USD, RolandMode. Etsy listing. Sunglasses, $45 USD, &devour. Etsy listing. Brooch, $66 USD, UpBrass. Etsy listing. Nail Polish by KB Shimmer in Ice Queen, $8.50 USD. … Continue reading

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – August 11, 2012

Away we go into this week’s visual kei picks!  Punky Gray Velcro Pouch, $13.50 USD, DxDCloset. Etsy listing. I love this piece. I love it because it’s edgy and sophisticated, and because it’s made from repurposed fabric, so it’s eco-friendly. 10% of the profits gets donated to earthquake reconstruction in Japan.  Black Kimi Jacket, $55, … Continue reading