Valentine’s Day Picks/New Arrivals

With Valentine’s day creeping ever closer, I rifled through store inventory and picked some favorite pieces, and even found some time in between prom dress fittings and cosplay commission to make a few new ones. ^_^ On my latest excursion to the local beads stores in my area I stumbled across these awesome resin rose … Continue reading

New Arrivals – September 3, 2012

Here’s the weekly rundown of our newest items! Click the image to go to the corresponding Etsy listing. 🙂 New Grommeted Earrings, now in white! 5 designs are currently available.$15 USD Each.  New lightning bolt earrings! These are super light and easy to wear, and they pack a powerful colorful punch to a visual or … Continue reading

New Arrivals/Coming Soon – August 22, 2012

What’s new in the Etsy store this week:  Here’s a rundown of the newest listings in the shop! I finished these last week, but I haven’t gotten a chance to post until now.  Visual Kei Kyo Bracelet, $18. Etsy listing. This was a collaboration with a client. Inspired by Kyo from Fruits Basket, this is … Continue reading

Weekly Visual Kei Finds – August 19, 2012

Here’s the week’s Visual Kei finds! This week I took a look at makeup as well. 🙂 Have fun!  Necklace, $19 USD. G.A.T.U.M.I. Get it here. Arm Warmers, $13 USD, RolandMode. Etsy listing. Sunglasses, $45 USD, &devour. Etsy listing. Brooch, $66 USD, UpBrass. Etsy listing. Nail Polish by KB Shimmer in Ice Queen, $8.50 USD. … Continue reading

Weekly Visual Kei Finds – August 5, 2012

It’s time for another weekly round of Visual Kei picks!This week I’m featuring a lot more pieces. 🙂 This week they all came from Etsy, since I spend so much time on Etsy working on my shop and promoting other Etsians’ work. Bracelet, $23 USD, ZIPPERjewelry. Etsy listing.  I’m starting off this week with a men’s … Continue reading

Non-Spiked Inventory!

This week’s challenge: make Visual Kei pieces that do NOT contain spikes, for my customers that want something a little more understated and less in-your-face. I was rooting around through my vintage stash and came across a 3-strand vintage chain necklace I’d made awhile back. I decided it was doing nothing for me as is, … Continue reading

This week’s Visual Kei Finds: 7/28/2012

In my online travels I often stumble across a lot of pieces of jewelry and clothing that, while aren’t specifically tagged or marketed as Visual Kei pieces, could easily fit the bill. After all, VK fashion started as a meshing of punk and Victorian styles. 🙂 I’ve decided to start posting what I find, in … Continue reading

New Necklaces!

The fabric store down the street from my house has all sorts of goodies, and among them is a big cardboard box that has scraps of mesh and netting, which I snapped up greedily some time ago, even though I had no idea what on earth I was going to do with them. (I’d like … Continue reading