Here’s a designer to keep an eye on. He designs really edgy, dark pieces. 🙂



Eddie Borgo.


Born in Columbus OH, Eddie lived up and down the East Coast of the US until arriving in New York 12 years ago, intending to become a fashion designer.

While attending art history classes at Hunter College, he started showing an interest in the history of adornment. Subsequently in 2002, he first made one of a kind pieces for international stylists including Patti WilsonCamilla Nickerson, and Tabitha Simmons.

In the summer of 2008 Eddie created jewelry for Philip Lim‘s spring-summer 2009 show, which launched his namesake collection for women and men.


“The definition of success keeps changing as we, as a company, continue to grow.

One milestone was when Camilla Nickerson shot one of my cuffs on Tilda Swinton for W. Other milestones: when we first sold at Colette,Barney’s New York, and Luisa Via Roma

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