Prom Season(and other randomness)

I’m back from Cali and I’m working on quite a few things, mainly more tops, and getting the Hatatose pants shot and put in the Etsy store.

TaiyouCon is this weekend!

…unfortunately I will not be there, as I am still fighting a stubborn cold that will not leave. Oh well. It gives me time to prep for prom season. :3

These are the dresses I did last year…

522363_379015385474568_1469632187_n amandacrop1

This was designed by the client. The dress is made of satin with a tulle underlay to give the skirt a nice shape. The bodice has purple Swarovski crystals scattered across the front.

jennacrop 149708_418334564852678_1355577675_n

This dress was also designed by the client. She specifically wanted a custom-made dress, so as to avoid the drama that comes with two girls buying the same prom dress. 🙂 She also had a specific color scheme in mind that can be difficult to find.

Her dress is made of silk charmeuse. I hand-painted the skirt in the colors she wanted, and dyed the bodice to match. Turquoise Swarovski crystals embellish the waist. The bodice laces up in the back with ribbon(I wish I had a picture!). I LOVE how this dress turned out! A lot of hours spent on it but well worth it, and we kept it within her budget.

My commission slots are filling up fast, so if you want a prom dress drop me a line at 🙂


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