The new collection is up! 😀 Well, the first batch anyway. This is going to be a longer process than originally planned. There’s just no decent way to shoot pants without them being on models. But I digress…

Hatatose means ‘Twenty Years’ in Japanese. This collection was created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of my favorite band, Access. They are an awesome mix of j-pop and techno, and the colors and symbols used in the collection were inspired by their latest album, Secret Cluster.

Here’s some highlights from what’s in the Etsy store so far:






107_9974 107_9923

To see everything that’s up so far, here’s a link to the Hatatose section in the d.Kei store. 🙂

The pants will go up next, and I’m working on a few more jewelry pieces…and spats! xD

That is all. ^_^


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