New Collection Sneak Peek


This is just a small sampling of what will be available in the new collection! I have clothing sneak peeks in the works as well. Here’s a summary of the progress we’ve made…

  • The color pallet has been revamped. Blues, purples, yellow, gold, and silver will pop against black and white.
  • The main motifs will be crowns, fleur de lis, and keys to represent Access’ newest album, Secret Cluster. (It’s AMAZING. Go get it here).
  • No title as of yet. Trying to think of something cool that ties into Access’ 20th Anniversary and all that.
  • Preorder of select items will be available starting November 4th, which, coincidentally, is Daisuke Asakura’s birthday. Tentative release date of the full collection is November 24th.

Who is Access and why do I keep yapping about them? 

Access is a Japanese rock/pop/electronic duo that happens to be my favorite musical act in all the world(this is coming from a girl who listens to everything from Broadway musicals to 80s hair metal). Daisuke Asakura is the composer and keyboardist. He does a lot of the mixing and some backing vocals as well, and is a well-known composer and producer in his own right. I also happen to adore his fashion sense, it’s what got me into fashion design to begin with. Hiroyuki Takami is the vocalist and songwriter. He also possesses a killer fashion instinct that is slight more hippie-ish than Asakura’s.

Did I mention that they are both gorgeous? Also very goofy and fun. To look at them you would never know they’re in their forties. They don’t let their age dictate how they should act.

Their music is fabulous. They started with cheesy 90s pop and made it fun, and their music evolved, matured, and now they’re multifaceted, and you never really know what they’re going to do next. You just have to listen. 🙂

For more information…

Access Official Website

Daisuke Asakura’s Website

Hiroyuki Takami’s Website

Access Twitter Feed

Daisuke Asakura’s Twitter Feed

DA Family LJ Community 

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