Weekly Visual Kei Picks – October 16, 2012

This is going to turn into a bi-weekly feature. I’m so busy right now with work and the upcoming collections I don’t have time to put together a set on a weekly basis. That being said…I really love how this latest set turned out. 😀 Visual Kei Picks – October 12, 2012 by dkei featuring … Continue reading

New Collection Sneak Peek

This is just a small sampling of what will be available in the new collection! I have clothing sneak peeks in the works as well. Here’s a summary of the progress we’ve made… The color pallet has been revamped. Blues, purples, yellow, gold, and silver will pop against black and white. The main motifs will … Continue reading

New Collection in the Works!

I’m currently working on a new collection! Since the deadline is so tight it might just be a mini-collection, but we’ll see. The collection will have both clothing and jewelry, and the main colors will be gold, silver, crimson, purple, and yellow, with hits of turquoise, lots of Visual Kei references, and a ton of … Continue reading

Kyo’s Braclet Features

The Visual Kei Kyo bracelet I made awhile back has been featured in two outfits on Polyvore: Katelyn’s Outfit 3 by biggest-anime-fan-eva featuring skinny jeans Black hoody $48 – yukka.co.uk Graphic tee amazon.com AllSaints skinny jeans allsaints.com Ash lace up boots jildorshoes.com Clear jewelry etsy.com Acrylic jewelry etsy.com Rubber bracelet hottopic.com And also this one! Katelyn’s Outfit … Continue reading

Pardon the Dust…

Still getting everything set up the way it needs to be to look fabulous. 🙂 In the meantime, check out our current blog here.

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – October 1, 2012

Weekly Visual Kei Picks – October 1, 2012 by dkei featuring fishnet gloves Fishnet glove / Olympic 2012 Retro Vintage union Jack Blazer Jacket by NadiaPini, $120 / Vampire Dress Sleeveless gothic crow raven noir by RolandMode, $34 / vintage Rocker or Goth fitted flared mini skirt by VintageHomage / Red green tartan punk visual … Continue reading


So…I’ve discovered Polyvore, and I’m having a blast with it.  With Polyvore you can make your own collections and articles, and then publish them through the many social media outlets that are on the internet. 🙂  I will be using it for future articles and features. It’s so much fun to put the collages together.  … Continue reading