New Arrivals/Coming Soon – August 22, 2012

What’s new in the Etsy store this week: 

Here’s a rundown of the newest listings in the shop! I finished these last week, but I haven’t gotten a chance to post until now. 

Visual Kei Kyo Bracelet, $18. Etsy listing.

This was a collaboration with a client. Inspired by Kyo from Fruits Basket, this is a visual kei interpretation of his black and white bracelet.
I had enough supplies left over to make one more, and she gave me her blessing to do so. 🙂 

These rings are only $5 each. These are made from vintage buttons that have been upcycled into adjustable rings. The shanks of the rings are gold-plated over brass. One size fits most. 

Necklace, $39.99 USD. Etsy listing.

This is actually the first netted necklace I made, but I didn’t get decent pictures of it until recently, so it stayed out of the Etsy store. This is longer than the rest, about 28 inches. It can be worn long for a dramatic effect, doubled up as a nice choker, or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet(my favorite variation). 

Coming Soon: 

  • Two new cross netted bracelets(one with bling!)
  • White grommet tape earrings
  • New necklace designs
  • Glass pearl and spike earrings
That sums it up for this week! I post new pieces in the store on a weekly basis, so stay tuned! 

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