Weekly Visual Kei Picks – August 11, 2012

Away we go into this week’s visual kei picks! 

Punky Gray Velcro Pouch, $13.50 USD, DxDCloset. Etsy listing.

I love this piece. I love it because it’s edgy and sophisticated, and because it’s made from repurposed fabric, so it’s eco-friendly. 10% of the profits gets donated to earthquake reconstruction in Japan. 

Black Kimi Jacket, $55, Ichigo Black. Etsy listing.

This Ichigo Black jacket is fabulous. It’s fierce, it’s simple, and it’s versatile. It makes a great foundation piece for any visual kei wardrobe. I highly recommend checking out the rest of the Etsy shop. They carry a variety of amazing visual kei pieces, and they are all of exceptional quality.

Coffin Rings, $10.20 USD, Alice, Dear. Etsy listing.

I adore these rings. I want one. Badly. xD A key motif is available in addition to the cross motif. These are adjustable, and nickel-free, always a plus if you have metal sensitivities.

Cuff, £6 GBP(approx. $9.66 USD), Shaman Kailona. Etsy listing.

This cuff is badass, and the skulls and plaid are classic visual kei. I love the serged detail along the top and bottom of the cuff, and colors of the bracelet are vivid and edgy, a nice change from the typical red and black color scheme.

Tie, $20 USD, Sweet Rose Haven. Etsy listing.

This tie is a great accent to any visual kei shirt, and would look gorgeous paired with a nice black VK jacket. It transitions from day to night beautifully.

Top, $32 USD, Avant Garden. Etsy listing.

Cutsew tops were first made popular by Sex Pot Revenge, and they have since become a staple of visual kei  fashion. This gorgeous top is an altered t-shirt, which means it’s comfy and easy to wear. 

As always, I’ll be looking for more awesome visual kei finds to post next week!

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