Non-Spiked Inventory!

This week’s challenge: make Visual Kei pieces that do NOT contain spikes, for my customers that want something a little more understated and less in-your-face.

I was rooting around through my vintage stash and came across a 3-strand vintage chain necklace I’d made awhile back. I decided it was doing nothing for me as is, and set about looking for something that might match it that wasn’t acrylic spikes…and found nothing.

So I dug a little deeper and dusted off a box of random jewelry stuff I never got around to unpacking and found some really awesome hematite pendants, and decided that because the chain was so elaborate that’s all they really needed.

The result:

Simple, but edgy and elegant and rather versatile. 🙂 They can be Visual Kei or they can go on a more simple wardrobe. I like that the pendants have taken a little bit of a beating, it just makes them look edgier. 🙂 

These are up for sale in the Etsy shop! They are $15 each. One of each shape is available: 

I also found some really awesome vintage buttons at the thrift store this week that had a dark, gothy look. Because they stood out so well on their own, I decided rings would be the best way to showcase them. 

These are also up in the Etsy shop, $5 each. They sit on silvertone adjustable ring bands, that are a size 6 unadjusted. They’re quite comfy. I wear one on my index finger, adjusted to a size 9. Again, one of each is avalable: 

More non-spiked creations are coming. Stay tuned! 

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