This week’s Visual Kei Finds: 7/28/2012

In my online travels I often stumble across a lot of pieces of jewelry and clothing that, while aren’t specifically tagged or marketed as Visual Kei pieces, could easily fit the bill. After all, VK fashion started as a meshing of punk and Victorian styles. 🙂

I’ve decided to start posting what I find, in the form of a weekly Saturday blog post. 🙂 Most of what I find is usually on Etsy, but you may see som

e stuff here from deviantART or eBay as well.

This week I’m starting off with a few pieces from the Etsy shop pink80sgirl. Her jewelry has a romantic theme to it, and many of the pieces she makes also have a dark, Victorian feel to them that lends well to a VK wardrobe.

My favorites for the week are her Forest Green Glass Pendant:

I adore this ring set by refuse to be usual on Etsy:

And last but not least, these gorgeous fingerless gloves from Zen and Coffee Designs:

That’s all for this week’s VK finds! I’ll be posting more next Saturday! 😀

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