The Team Magma Project

   I am super excited to be part of the Arizona Team Magma cosplay group this year! 😀

   We’re going to be making our debut at Saboten Con in September. I will be Courtney, one of the admins.

   For those not familiar with Pokemon…

   Team Magma are the bad guys in the Pokemon Ruby game. Their aim is to expand the land and remove the oceans. Their enemies are Team Aqua, who want the exact opposite: to flood the world with more oceans and eliminate land. 

   More info at the Bulbagarden

   We’re in the planning stages. I’ve drawn the technical flats for patternmaking, and we’re going to have our first meeting this month. I’m so excited! 

   We still need people to cosplay Mack and Tabitha, but I know we’ll get that worked out at the meeting. We’re going to be going as canon as possible for this. 🙂 

I will keep everyone posted!

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