Non-Spiked Inventory!

This week’s challenge: make Visual Kei pieces that do NOT contain spikes, for my customers that want something a little more understated and less in-your-face. I was rooting around through my vintage stash and came across a 3-strand vintage chain necklace I’d made awhile back. I decided it was doing nothing for me as is, … Continue reading

This week’s Visual Kei Finds: 7/28/2012

In my online travels I often stumble across a lot of pieces of jewelry and clothing that, while aren’t specifically tagged or marketed as Visual Kei pieces, could easily fit the bill. After all, VK fashion started as a meshing of punk and Victorian styles. 🙂 I’ve decided to start posting what I find, in … Continue reading


A friend of mine had was unloading for a show this weekend when a box of artwork and assorted books was stolen from her. A full list of the stolen artwork, complete with photos, is here. Her deviantART journal with further details is here. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area please keep an … Continue reading

New Necklaces!

The fabric store down the street from my house has all sorts of goodies, and among them is a big cardboard box that has scraps of mesh and netting, which I snapped up greedily some time ago, even though I had no idea what on earth I was going to do with them. (I’d like … Continue reading

The Team Magma Project

   I am super excited to be part of the Arizona Team Magma cosplay group this year! 😀   We’re going to be making our debut at Saboten Con in September. I will be Courtney, one of the admins.    For those not familiar with Pokemon…   Team Magma are the bad guys in the Pokemon Ruby … Continue reading

New Blog!

Hello everyone!This will be the official blog of the d.Kei Etsy shop! 😀 There will be lots of fun posts here about the shop, upcoming events and collections, and other random Visual Kei related fodder. xD That is all, for now. 🙂